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Robots.txt is an important File for managing search engine crawlers on your website. It gives you control over which pages and files search engines can and cannot access. For Blogger sites, having a custom robots.txt file can provide additional benefits beyond the default Blogger settings. 

In this Website, we Have Provided Above free robots.txt generators you can use to create a custom file for your Blogger site.

What is robots.txt?

A robots.txt file, also known as the robots exclusion protocol, is a simple text file that gives instructions to search engine crawlers about what they can and cannot access on your site. It allows you to block Post or Page you don’t want indexed. Every website have a robots.txt file located in the root directory.

Like This:

How to Create Custom Robots.txt For Blogger?

  1. Enter Your Site Url In Above Text Input Field Like
  2. Click On Generate Robots.txt Button 
  3. This Tool Will Be Automatically Create Robots.txt For Your Blogger Site
  4. Copy the generated robot.txt

How to add XML sitemap in Blogger Site

To Add XML Sitemap in Blogger Site Follow These Steps: 

Step 01: First Of All Generate Robots.txt From Above Generator

Step 02: Login to your Blogger account and Go to Setting

Step 03: Scroll Down and Go to Crawlers and indexing Section

Step 04: Enable custom robots.txt & Paste Generated Txt

Step 05: Enable custom robots.txt & Paste Generated Txt

See Below Screenshot For Guides

Free Custom Robots.Txt Generator
Free Custom Robots.Txt Generator
Free Custom Robots.Txt Generator
Free Custom Robots.Txt Generator
Free Custom Robots.Txt Generator

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