Best Custom Robots Txt for Blogger

Are You Looking For Best Custom Robots Txt For Blogger

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Because Today in this article We Will One of best Custom Robots.txt For Blogger So you Can Index your Blogger Site in Search English. So Lets Dive in. 

Best Custom Robots Txt for Blogger

What is robots.txt?

The robots.txt file tells search engine crawlers which pages or files on your website should or should not be crawled and indexed. This plain text file contains a set of rules for bots to follow when crawling your site.

It consists of two sections - User-agent and Disallow.

The User-agent specifies which bot the rules apply to. This is usually the name of the search engine crawler such as Googlebot for Google or Bingbot for Bing.

The Disallow line tells bots not to crawl or index the listed pages or directories.

For example:

User-agent: Googlebot
Disallow: /privatepages/

This tells Googlebot not to crawl or index any pages in the /privatepages/ directory.

How to Add a Robots.txt File in Blogger

Follow these steps to add a custom robots.txt file in Blogger:
  1. Step 01: First Of All Generate Robots.txt From Generator
  2. Step 02: Login to your Blogger account and Go to Setting 
  3. Step 03: Scroll Down and Go to Crawlers and indexing Section
  4. Step 04: Enable custom robots.txt & Paste Generated Txt
  5. Step 05: Enable custom robots.txt & Paste Generated Txt


Adding your own robots.txt file to your Blogger site is a great way to make it search engine friendly. You can control crawling and ranking to make your best material stand out. By using the tips in this guide, you can make a robots.txt file that works well for your site. Thoroughly test it and look at the analytics data to make sure your rules do what you want them to do. Check your robots.txt file every two months to make sure it's still working well as your site changes.
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